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Art,Books,Entertainment,Film,Music,Performance,Painting“One evening, my friends and I walked on the road, one side was the city and the other side was the fjord. And I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.” Munch described the source of inspiration when he created this masterpiece -The scream. “I stopped and overlooked the fjord. The sunset dyed the clouds red like the blood. At that time, I thought I heard the nature screamed ceaselessly. So I depicted this picture, painted the clouds like red blood and let the color go roaring.”

The man looks like skeleton and ghost in the front of the screen is the painter Munch. Not so much he is twisting his body while shouting as he is penetrated through the screams of the nature and he could not tolerate the terrible sounds and he could not help but cover his ears. This sound of scream shocked the world and turned it into frantic color curves rolling around him.

At the top of the scream, in the center of the crimson blood sky, there were scratchy handwritings of the painter (only lunatic can draw like this). That was the scream of Munch. He always considered the sensitive nerve was due to inheritance. For him, it was the blood curse led him to mad.

Munch lost his mother and old sister since he was very young and this left a deep imprint in the depths of his soul. He had strong vision and deep despair for life and sex. He always kept skepticism towards his existence. And he still tried to express these despairs and tensions of his inner after he became a painter. In this painting, Munch depicted his fears of life and unrest emotions through the red low clouds enveloped the scene he saw one evening and the fears in the depths of the soul.

When “The scream” was on display publicly in Berlin, most of the commentators showed obvious disgusts. The people who were accustomed to pleasing arts were shocked and fearful when suddenly faced the crazy painting with the form and the colors because it seemed to resonate in their own souls. Since then, the famous work was collected by the famous collector Olaf and he donated it to the Oswald Ling National Gallery few years later. This painting was so to speak the pinnacle of Munch. It surpassed the personal tensions in the painter’s soul and told the anxieties and fears in the depths of the human souls which were never waked up.

He moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne with the family after his school days and worked in different jobs. Later on he took a strong decision to become a professional artist in 1988. He is a self-taught artist with a unique style in his paintings.

Alexander Millar’s paintings are mainly drawn on the daily events and surroundings of his life. He gets the inspiration from the gossips of the old women, sitting in the street corners, men coming home from the work and he uses the local Tyneside “Gadgies” as models in his artworks.

Alexander Millar’s artworks have been getting more reputation by motivating people to remember their childhood memories. Alexander had received many industrial awards and one of his paintings, has been selected as a finalist for the ‘Not the turner prize” competition. Alexander’ artworks are regularly displayed at the Mall Galleries in London.

Some of the best collections of Alexander Millar are given below:
Every Cloud: This picture depicts about a treasured moment of a father and child, trying to keep dry under umbrellas, while going about their business. It is a prime example of the sorts of scenes that have stuck with him for life.

Big fish, little fish: It portrays about the father and the son bond, as they set off to go fishing, the little boy obviously elated that he has got the chance to have some quality bonding time. It provides him a chance to see what he can catch this time.

Side by Side: This picture illustrates the love of a dog to his master, who is unconditional and unwavering. As its master sets out to work in the early hours, the little dog makes sure that he gets on his way safely.
Old Tam: This Old Tam represents the people we watch and admire. After a hard day work down in the pits, this Tam climbs off his bike and plods the rest of the journey with heavy feet and the day is still not done.
The Pigeon Fancier: This image is all about the start of a long journey for racing pigeons. The basket strapped to the back of bike, would ferry the birds safely to the lorry. It also tells about the hundred miles to be taken for the birds to find their way home again.

Daybreak: It depicts about the early winter mornings while diamonds of frost twinkle on the shadowed ground and the breaking sun melts it away as it casts its glow across the landscape. The coal fires fill the atmosphere with a haze that would warm the young and old alike.
Gone fishing: This piece shows the dedication of the father and the son, who are on their way to find hidden treasures of the river. It clearly presents the memories of those couple, enjoying themselves in the fishing and expressing their love.

This sort of narrative interpretation persists within the trendy religious paintings of Sir Stanley Spencer , where biblical environments are represented by the clipped hedgerows, the churchyards, and the front parlours of his neat, native English village of Cookham.

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