Scary Dreams Or Love Calls

Scary Dreams Or Love Calls

Scary Dreams Or Love Calls : For a challenging job in the Navy, I decided to leave my beautiful Celine at home with a guard, Tim. Like any couple who love each other, we have many aspirations. But when the police registered Celine as a missing person, all my dreams disappeared and left a trail of sadness and despair.

I feel cheated and betrayed. Time can’t erase my pain. The disease that lingered in my body made me weaker every day. When I closed my eyes, I started dreaming. The dream led me to take a quiet walk down the path to a lonely old house.

The first floor looked dusty with some broken croton and orchid pots. As I climbed the stairs, I felt someone rushing down. ‘Disgusting’, I thought. After reaching the second floor, I saw a small reception desk and an old man sitting on a chair. He turned and looked me right in the eye. He coughed and asked if I needed guest room. I nodded. He looked at the register and made me do an autograph, handed me the keys. I walked forward.

The house looked old but familiar, the ticking of the clock directly above my head made me feel uncomfortable and cold. Late at night, anxiety increases. I found myself walking up the stairs to the terrace. It was a dark and gloomy night. Something lured me towards the chimney. Suddenly, I saw the chimney being blown and a pair of scalded and bruised female legs appeared. The darkness was great, I strained my eyes.

I could see the face of a woman I knew but it hurt so much I could barely recognize her. “He’s stuck in the chimney”, I panicked and hurriedly stepped forward to help him but he disappeared. With a pounding heart I awoke shaking and terrified. Fear choked my throat. Disappointed, I wanted to scream but couldn’t. It was hard to tell if it was a dream or a vision. While on my knees, I prayed for him. Celine didn’t betray me, she died brutally.

Without wasting any time, I set off for Cape town. On reaching Cape Town, I can imagine how Tim tortured her to indulge herself with sex, lust, and pleasure. Trying to escape from prison, he gets stuck in the chimney and Tim makes no attempt to save him. Our beautiful home has become a guest house. His crimes cannot be described in words. The team was arrested.

It saddens me to realize that even in the gloomy embrace of death he loves me so much. I will never leave my beautiful Celine alone. Sitting in my wooden rocking chair, I watched the darkness deepen. In desperation as my wooden chair swayed faster, her sobs became louder.

Impatiently, I waited for one more day to rest. I still love the chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the bees, the scent of the flowers and the sun kissing my cheek. Nature is beautiful, so is life.

This article highlights how parallel universes with time and space differences exist that most of us are not aware of. This fascinating story of love and suffering will make you aware of the power and suffering of some angels in the spirit realm.

The author considers how dreams can make people aware of some hidden truths that must remain a mystery and ponders if the spirit realm can be connected to life through dreams. The writing conveys the message to go to nature, be soothed and healed. Get rid of frustration, guilt and hopelessness. Life is beautiful.