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Though there are a lot of complexities referring to the transmission of sounds, at the point of reception (i.e. the ears), sound is quickly dividable into two simple parts: strain and time. Each painting presents different challenges and plenty of times these challenges can become wonderful opportunities for experimenting and self-enhancing. Many paintings now considered masterpieces, weren’t well received when they were first created (think of all the Impressionists or the modern artists) however changes in society, tradition, and tastes gave them the aura they have immediately.

Sesuai judulnya, We Must Discuss About Kevin menceritakan kisah seorang bocah yang mengalami gangguan psychological sejak kecil, geng. Menjalani hidup kesepian sejak kecil, kehidupan Risa pun berubah saat dirinya berulang tahun ke-eight dan mendapatkan teman-teman baru yang berwujud hantu. However in 1908, starting with l’Assassinat du duc de Guise (The Assassination of the Duc de Guise) , there began to be different films through which a scene was proven from another direction by slicing to the other side.

Tapi justru suasana mistik berhasil ditampilkan sepanjang durasi pemutaran film dan mencekam ke semua penonton yang ada. Yang bikin film ini keren nggak cuma adegan pertempurannya. The earliest films had been merely one static shot …

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